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Survive & Escape in this online game of Teamwork & Betrayal.


In the middle of a harsh winter, eight strangers find themselves trapped in a log cabin in the woods. Encounters with wildlife are inevitable, and the ever-present winter elements will make it difficult to survive alone. Teamwork is essential in this game of survival.  In the struggle to endure, players are stronger together and weaker apart. Lurking amongst them are those that are capable of deadly deceit and treachery.


Players are randomly assigned into two roles: Survivors and Traitors. Survivors must work together as a team gathering resources and completing objectives to escape. They must also identify the traitors trying to stop them. Traitors are unknown to survivors and work together to gain the trust of other players, while sabotaging their efforts. Players must keep an eye on health, warmth, and hunger, as well as be aware of who they trust.


Your goal is to Survive Amongst Wolves.


Features include:

  • Round-based matches for quick and casual games
  • Player interactions drive the story and experience
  • Simplified UI and inventory system
  • Awarded XP used to unlock custom skins and items
  • Customizable characters lets players build their own unique identity
  • Concise controls with controller support
  • No pay-to-win

When you live among the wolves you must to act like a wolf.

Eight strangers find themselves in a log cabin trapped in the woods in the middle of a harsh winter. In Project Winter your first mistake will be thinking you are one of the sheep. Like a wolf you must make quick decisions and form emotional attachments but still often need to trust your own instincts and earn loyalty.  

Stronger together and weaker apart.  

A game of deception and survival, your focus is on social interaction, hidden roles, and betrayal. Players must band together to live and escape the harsh arctic environment where venturing off alone could be a death sentence.  You will have to interact and work with others to survive although, not everyone may have the best of intentions.  Players are randomly assigned the role of Traitor or Survivor, with limited information, various cooperative mechanics, and communication tools for facilitating social interaction.

We never see it coming before it is too late.

While the strangers struggle together to survive some are blind to the incognito traitors that lurk amongst them, capable of deadly deceit and treachery.    

In Project Winter your goal is to Survive Amongst Wolves.

Features include:

  • Simple interactions, small inventory, and minimal crafting
  • Short session length with open exploration
  • Players manage hunger, warmth & health
  • Concise controls with controller support
  • Unlockable cosmetics for players to create unique identities
  • Tools designed for more immersive ever changing world